One Hundred Days of Giving

One Hundred Days of Giving, an inspirational journey through giving. Giving what? Everything, anything and nothing. Join Kathy on her journey and create opportunities for yourself to give as you embark on 100 Days of Giving.

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Kathy Stutzman is a global citizen who currently resides in rural Minnesota with her family. Her passion for travel is surpassed only by a love of food. Until recently, she was a non-profit administrator and when not writing, works as a consultant with non-profits to help develop sustainable, creative and systemic solutions for emerging and urgent community issues. Ms. Stutzman uses her professional facilitation and training expertise to work with communities and organizations throughout the world to develop common goals and language in order to be responsive to those they serve.  Kathy has been writing since junior high school when she wrote a play titled “The Fuzzies”, is co-owner of a writing business, Words Unlimited and has written many papers, grants and articles. She publishes the following blogs: Mama Caruso Cooks and One Hundred Days of Giving Return to Ghana, and I'm All Ears  Ms. Stutzman can be reached at or for comments, feedback or ideas about articles. Find additional info on Twitter @KathyStutzman 

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