Thursday, August 13, 2015

Follow Your Heart

Sitting here at the lake getting ready to take a huge dive, I am surrounding myself with some of my inspirations; channeling Ram Dass and running through all ten chapters of my book “Up and Over: Boost Your Confidence When There is None to be Found”  all at once…

1.      Breathe
2.      Create Cue Cards
3.      Move
4.      Release Self-Defeating Thoughts…and on and on until we get to Chapter 10…

Act As-If.

Each of these chapters speak to me and I am reminded why I wrote the book in the first place –  the strategies and ideas in the book are practical, useful and they work. They work for me at least and as I am preparing myself to take a huge leap into the next chapter of my life – I am finding something within each of these chapters that is helping me to get ready, to start dreaming and to prepare myself to be open to what comes next.

If you are in that state of confusion, that place in life that to me looks like a murky water, sometimes described as chaos, or confusion or even unrest – then my book on boosting your confidence is just your ticket to start moving forward. Moving through that place of ambiguity, that place of fear, or denial and find some comfort or fortitude to move forward – even if you don’t know where that next place or stage will take you.

Dancing between the dots of ambiguity is not a bad place to be – don’t get me wrong, I actually
like being in that state – I find it a creative and challenging place – but at some point, it is time to discover and explore the point – to understand what that light is at the end of the tunnel and to move forward – out of the murkiness toward clarity.

Kathy and Fred at The Street Girls Aid
20th Anniversary Homecoming
During my time working with the management team at Street Girls Aid I learned quite a bit. I learned a lot about myself, the world and everything in between. The synergy and energy that is created when people intentionally gather to learn from one another is a magical place and sometimes when I am in in the murky waters of ambiguity – a point of clarity will shine on me like a laser. Today I am thinking about something that Fred said during one of our many sessions – we were working on planning an event or activity and drilling down on the action steps and we got as far as we could until we could gather more information and in an “ah-ha” moment, “you don’t really have to know everything before you start.”

So channeling Ram Dass, and Fred and my own book I am going to be bold out loud (thank you Susan Hansen), I am going to act as if, and I am going to follow my heart because there is nothing to fear…

Stay tuned for the next adventure – I am looking forward to moving to that light at the end of the tunnel – more importantly I am ready for I know that I am following my heart and it will all work out. Until then, I would love to hear from you – what strategies do you use to keep you moving forward when you hit the wall, or are in that state of confusion where you know you have to do something different and need to make a change…what do you tell yourself to move? What strategies do you use to look ahead?

Boost your confidence today
If you are unsure, please check out my book “Up And Over: Boost Your Confidence When There is None To Be Found” or check back here to see what my readers have to share. Looking forward to learning from all of you. You can write your comments in the comments, section, e-mail them by using the contact me button, or send me an e-mail or message on Twitter – however you connect – I look forward to it!

Until then here are some UPCOMING EVENTS:

September 16th – I will be speaking at the Prior Lake Rotary Club about our work in Ghana with Street Girls Aid and reading for the book “Stories From The Streets”

September 17th – I will be appearing at the Austin Public Library at 6:30 for a reading and book signing for “Stories From The Streets.”

October 13th - The AAUW in Austin, Minnesota will be screening the film “Arrival: Finding Home” on October 13th and I will be there as well as several of the cast members to answer your questions about the documentary.

Vida Asomaning Amoako, the Executive Director of Street Girls Aid is in the United States and will be appearing at some events in Durham, North Carolina – details coming soon.

Details of my book tour in Colorado will be posted shortly – and…

Get ready for the launch of my new podcast! Yes – I am so excited, my guests are incredible and the show has been a lot of fun to produce. There is something for everyone in this entertaining and informative show – links to participate and listen will be posted here – an October launch is planned.

Lots of great stuff coming your way…until then, let’s keep connecting, one interaction at a time. You’ve got this – dream, believe and make that magic happen.

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