Monday, July 13, 2015

Stories From The Streets is Launched

Issah, Gifty and Rose share memories of former
street girls - Issah and Rose interviewed girls for
Stories From The Streets
To My Supporters - As a result of your support, Stories From The Streets was launched in Ghana on June 30th to a crowd of dignitaries, staff and supporters from Street Girls Aid and Rotarians. While there were many highlights that you will read about soon - a few of the special moments that happened during the whirlwind trip include the following:
While reading an excerpt from the book at the launch, I was moved to tears - looking up from the book I spied Phidelia, Fred and Rose intently watching me as I read their words, the stories that they had spent months collecting out on the streets. And, as I stammered, struggling to take a breath as the tears welled up trying to compose myself, in unison, they all smiled at me, even giving me the thumbs up sign to demonstrate their confidence in me that the words would flow - their words, street girls' stories - and finally they did...along with the tears.
The delight and pride that welled in my heart and soul was fueled and fanned each time I got to watch someone open the book and start reading - sometimes flipping pages to look at the photos, sometimes glancing at a page and then returning to confirm what they had just read, and sometimes (mainly) as the reader hunkered down and got lost in the book. I don't know how many authors get that kind of privilege - to watch as someone devours their book. There are not sufficient words to describe how that felt.
Stories From The Streets is an important book, and I can't wait to share it with the world. It is a useful and practical book. Stories From The Streets will help to inform global citizens as we strive to understand how to make a difference when the odds seem overwhelming. If you have not yet purchased your copy, go to Amazon right now and buy your copy today.
Kathy and Fred at the Homecoming Event
Fred was one of the interviewers for the book
Stories From The Streets
And finally a sneak peek at behind the scenes at the homecoming event on July 2nd. Some of the women featured in the book, former street children who are now successful entrepreneurs, businesswomen and mothers, returned to Street Girls Aid and held a workshop mentoring current street children and beneficiaries of S.Aid. Challenging, hopeful and inspiring all rolled into one...kind of like the reviews we are getting about the book - here's what one reader had to say about Stories From The Streets, "We are finding the stories to be fascinating, hopeful and disturbing all at the same time."
Stay tuned for updates about launches and reading near you, or if you or your community group would like to host a reading in your library or community organization - please contact me, Kathy Stutzman at and we will organize a book event that is sure to inspire and inform.

Thank you again for all of your support - now it is time to get the book out there - now is the time. Go to Amazon and order your copy today... and be sure to check back for updates coming soon.

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