Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Storytelling Through Fabric

Service, Security and God Woven Together Protecting Street Children

Street Girls Aid Fabric - Find The 5 Symbols
Service, security and God are all present in the Street Girls Aid 20th Anniversary celebration cloth which is being used to make clothing, table runners, head scarfs, place mats, bags and so much more. The girls in the vocational training program are reminded constantly of the deep commitment to service and security that Street Girls Aid demonstrates daily in their work with street children as designs are created and sewn with the deep blue and white fabric shown here.

Adinkra symbols have been used in West Africa since the early 1800’s when King Adinkra was a king from the Ivory Coast. The symbols used
in pottery, as logos, on fabric and on walls each have a specific meaning that promote a quality or characteristic. Many of the symbols retain the same meaning from which they began.

For their 20th Anniversary cloth, Street Girls Aid has selected three traditional Adinkra symbols and created two of their own weaving familiar principles into their future story. Throughout the design of the cloth Street Girls Aid remains focused on their mission “Serving Street Children; Impacting Generations.”  Stories From The Streets

Can you identify the five different symbols in the cloth? “Stories From The Streets” will tell the story about the five symbols chosen, what the symbols mean and the significance of each of the symbols to the organization, the staff and for the children Street Girls Aid serves.

EBAN is one of the symbols you will find in the cloth. It is the symbol of love, safety and security because according to West African tradition that is the kind of protection one might find when surrounded by a fence. The symbol EBAN means fence. Can you identify the EBAN Adinkra symbol?

For more on the meaning of the symbols selected, support the Kickstarter that is funding the production, publication and distribution of the book “Stories From The Streets.” This book is filled with amazing stories of perseverance, inspiration and hope; these stories must be heard – we all have much to learn from these powerful voices. Back this project Stories From The Streets and select some great rewards made using Street Girls Aid 20th Anniversary fabric. Thank you.

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