Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Humility Through Service

I love this photo taken the last time I was in Ghana. We were piloting a tying class, learning how to tie head scarfs, how to tie the fabric to carry babies on our backs and how to wrap the fabric that we put on top of our heads to carry water. This class was a lot of fun - but it was also serious business!

I want to tell you a little bit about what this photo represents to me. I love this photo - it signifies humility and makes me humble just to think about how many girls it took to  get that bucket of water on my head. And then they had to walk next to me to ensure that I did not spill that precious resource being carried on my head!

It was a great honor to attempt to walk in their sandals even for a moment and it was such a privilege to be invited in. And, the honor of being asked to write the amazing stories of the street children impacted by Street Girls AID​ is equally humbling. Each day as I complete one more story, put voice to their hopes and dreams - all I want to do is share these stories with others. I can't wait to get this book to publication!!

The re-launched Kickstarter is focused on getting the book to the girls who shared their stories. We have simplified the request and eliminated a few components to get the budget to the current goal of $3,450. Please help me honor the girls who shared their stories by supporting this Kickstarter and showing them how much their voices matter. Stories From The Streets

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