Monday, April 20, 2015

Stories From The Street...And Beyond...

I have the distinct honor of being asked to produce the book "Stories From The Street" an intimate Stories From The Streets Kickstarter
look at life as a street child in Accra, Ghana. And like most of my projects, we will be looking at the strengths, resources and perseverance of those who have survived and have even had successes through their challenges and obstacles. We are going to learn from the experts and we have so much to learn. You can get more information here:

To get the book to print in time for Street Girls Aid 20th Anniversary celebration this is going to take a considerable effort and I will need your full participation to make it happen. It is doable and I am ready to complete the project, the stories are sitting on my desk waiting to be edited, the photos waiting to be selected and the context content ready to be written and your participation in this Stories From The Streets Kickstarter will mean that this will be done in time to be delivered to the storytellers.

Stories From The Streets Kickstarter was originally dreamed by the Street Girls Aid staff during our strategic planning sessions and they have spent the last year seeking out former street children served by Street Girls Aid and interviewing them - I have those stories resting in the palm of my hands and they are screaming to be told. The storytellers deserve to have their voices heard, and just as importantly, the impact of these stories must be shared globally. When you join the Kickstarter - you will be part of lifting and sharing those stories.

It is really easy to join in to the Stories From The Streets Kickstarter and your pledge will only be redeemed when the goal is reached and after the target end date of May 10th. Together we can make this happen. Thank you for your support today!

Stories from street children served by Street Girls AID Ghana…will inspire, inform, and teach.  Share globally; impact generations. Stories From The Streets Kickstarter

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