Monday, October 13, 2014

I haven't met a problem that I can't assemble a team to resolve

Comprehensive, custom tailored solutions for your company’s unique's what that looks like:

Complex problems can benefit from a
30,000 foot perspective 
 An employer contracted with me to resolve their daily 18% absenteeism rate related to child care issues. As the project leader of the team which I assembled to resolve this crisis, we were able to reduce the daily absenteeism rate related to child care to zero within 7 months. That problem remains non-existent several years later. The employer’s problem was also a community problem and I brought together resources to match needs, developed a common vision and shared language around the issue and influenced changes to statewide policy and legislation to create a solution for all involved. The project has received state and national acclaim and is considered a model of community responsiveness, a promising practice for working with urgent employer needs and was presented numerous awards for working with diverse populations.

This is a question we asked the girls when we met with them on the streets
  • After being contacted by an organization working with the 62,000 children living, working and sleeping on the streets of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, West Africa for help as they were closing their doors, laying off staff and turning away pregnant teen mothers, three different teams that I assembled, trained and led worked in Ghana and were able to increase the capacity of the organization, help articulate their need and secure the required support and funding locally to expand their programming, hire new staff and increase advocacy and programming responding to the children’s’ needs. As a direct result, the methodology developed by the teams and the work accomplished both on the ground in Ghana and in the United States received international acclaim and was featured in a 12 page article in The Rotarian Magazine in August, 2014. Additional recognition was widespread but none more gratifying that the words of the girls themselves as they describe their step by step accomplishments in the workshops in which they are now participating, the newsletter stories published and the book that will lift their successes to a level of inspiration for others living and working in untenable situations.

  • Shortly after a local supervised visitation center was closed, law enforcement domestic violence response calls related to custody and visitation increased 36% placing significant demand on highly charged situations. The increased cost related to the calls created a burden on law enforcement budget and there were many other community impacts directly related to the closing. I was hired to create, facilitate and manage a community consortium to respond to the crisis. The ensuing methodology of the collaboration and the accomplishments of the collaborative have resulted in reduced court time, an elimination of the domestic response calls related to custody and visitation, and the complete rehabilitation of ¼ of an abandoned city block into a state of the art building employing highly trained professionals delivering thousands of hours of safety for children and domestic violence victims who otherwise were in jeopardy of losing their lives.

Block after collaborative
City block before rehab

These are a few examples of my work. If you want to know how I can help you and your organization solve your complex issues and problems - contact me...let's see what we can do together.

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