Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tools For Facilitation

What's in your toolkit?
One size does not fit all when it comes to facilitation, especially when facilitating strategic planning for organizations run and organized primarily by volunteers with a wide variety of experiences and expertise. A flexible facilitator will use many tools to create a framework to inspire innovation.

One strategy is to help the participants involved in the strategic planning sessions look for ways to strengthen the assets of the organization and then use those strengths and assets to create opportunities - there are so many great and fun methods of eliciting that information and once the ideas are on the table or the boards...the planning group has a place from which to launch and move forward. For more info on how to use this tool follow this link: Looking at Strengths and Opportunities

Word clouds are a great way of identifying
key concepts, or strengths of an organization
I like using a chart that looks at strengths and opportunities as a means of identifying gaps in services and assets that can be used to fill those gaps. This is just one of the many tools facilitators can use in strategic planning - what's in your toolkit? Or what exercise have you participated in that created an ah-ha moment?

TIP: Looking for the strengths of an organization to be shared in a visual manner? Ask members of your organization to share words that describe how they perceive or feel about the organization and then put those words into a word cloud. Super easy and fun and the words with the most repetition are sized proportionately.

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