Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Out of Chaos" a Thank You

How many people does it take?
The Rotarian Magazine article is now available..."Out of Chaos. How do you help girls in Ghana escape poverty? You listen." - from the August 2014 edition by Diana Schoberg.

Today is about gratitude. Last week while I was riding my bicycle across the State of Iowa at RAGBRAI (the Register's Great Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa) The Rotarian Magazine published Out of Chaos an article about the work I have been engaged in with a cadre of people in Ghana with Street Girls Aid.

Thank you

So many people made this possible that there is no way to individually recognize everyone and so I feel compelled to share an umbrella thank you for absolutely everyone who has listened to the stories, heard about the processes, purchased goods, supported the process by donating material goods, funds, prayers, well-wishes, advise, a shoulder to lean on, a word of encouragement, to those who listened patiently and questioned to help develop a stronger process, and to those who will continue to develop and encourage and support - thank you, thank you, thank you.

To those known and unknown supporters, an important understanding in the indicators of success in capacity building is knowing that we must be detached from the outcome, because the impact and ripple effect of an individual's impact is so much greater than anything anyone of us can envision and hold on to. See my TEDx talk about capacity building for more information.  Know that your personal investment in this process has played an important role in this story.

There are a few people whose sacrifices and passion require a "shout-out" related to this article and I will gladly recognize:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

A critical component for confidence
Up and Over; Five Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Struggling with confidence? Tired of self-defeating thoughts taking over every cell of your being? In a slump looking for a boost to get you back on track? We’ve all been there so know that you are in good company. No matter the origins of the loss of self-esteem or confidence, stress or case of the blahs it is critical to take charge to move up and over through a difficult time. While it would be great to think about someone else coming in and saving the day, helping you feel better, make you feel worthy, this boost to your confidence starts with you. And you can do it.

Below are 5 strategies from my e-book Up and Over; Boost Your Confidence When None is to be Found