Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Get Focused and Make an Impact

This relevant, timely and thought-provoking class offered me an opportunity to relate social impact investing to much of the work I am engaged in. My classmates were innovative and passionate about alleviating poverty and our project focused on articulating the model of poverty alleviation we have developed and measuring the impact of our work.

No small task, but this group is up to the challenge. Seven years later, it is important for us to stay focused and select the variables for the matrix carefully and intentionally otherwise we will overwhelm and be overwhelmed with data and outcomes. I am pretty excited at being this close to being able to tell the story and begin replicating the model.

Want to know more? Contact me via e-mail at kastutzm@smig.net, via Twitter @KathyStutzman or visit me on Facebook or LinkedIn and we will set up a time to connect. I am available to come to your organization or conference and present or conduct workshops. Get focused today and see what kind of impact you can be making in the world.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Up and Over; Boost Your Confidence When None is to be Found

Give the gift of confidence...

Struggling with confidence? Tired of self-defeating thoughts taking over every cell of your being? In a slump looking for a boost to get you back on track? We’ve all been there so know that you are in good company. No matter the origins of the loss of self-esteem or confidence, stress or case of the blahs it is critical to take charge to move up and over through a difficult time. While it would be great to think about someone else coming in and saving the day, helping you feel better, make you feel worthy, this boost to your confidence starts with you. And you can do it. This book is filled with strategies to help you do just that, boost your confidence when none is to be found. Purchase your copy today!

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