Monday, August 26, 2013

How Do You Let Yourself Know You Believe in You?

Oprah said it so well during her recent interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! When asked what her "ah ha" moment was, she talked about having to use the skills she had been promoting and sharing with all of us for so long...when she was being assailed by the media because OWN was not doing as well as she expected. When the rubber hits the road and things get tough - that is the time it takes work and digging deep to believe in yourself when it feels like no one else do you "support" yourself, let yourself know that your believe in yourself when things get tough? I would love to know...

The world awaits...Kathy in Cambodia

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Facilitation Dilemma - Over-talkers...Strategies for Responding...

I'm listening...
I am currently working on a series of articles on tips and strategies for facilitators and would love to get feedback and ideas from you. Whether you are a trained facilitator, or have been in a group where a facilitator used a skill or tool to create a change in the dynamics - I would love to know. I am interested in hearing it all - the good, the bad and the ugly so that we can all learn to connect more effectively and cooperatively.So the facilitation/group dilemma of the week is: "over-talkers" or know, the people who believe that they know it all and want to share, and share, and share...

  • How have you or have you observed a facilitator effectively put a stop, or halt the person who is prolifically sharing?
  • What was effective about the intervention?
  • what did you appreciate or not appreciate about how the intervention was carried out?
I have a special thank you gift to the person who submits the most interesting/new strategy for effectively working with over-talkers in groups. Please submit your comment by August 30th to be eligible for the thank you gift. You may submit your comment by:
Be certain to include "Over-talkers" in your subject heading or text and to be included in the contest for the thank you gift, leave your name and contact information

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