Monday, December 3, 2012

Kathy Stutzman, M.A., M.A.

Kathy Stutzman, M.A., M.A. Consulting                             
301 12th Place NW, Austin, MN 55912                                    
(507) 219-0912,

Kathy and her team of professionals work together with you to move a concept forward. Using a variety of methodologies and processes a plan is individualized to meet the unique needs of each situation.  This menu of options includes some of the tools that may be used in the process:

  Strategic planning (planning)
·         Vision and Mission Statement Development
·         SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis
·         Establishing Goals and Objectives with Measurable Outcomes
·         Action Plans
·         Timelines
·         Budgeting
·         Evaluation

 Facilitation (making things happen)
·         Designing and Conducting Effective Small and Large Group Meetings
·         Focus Groups
·         Listening Circles
·         Forums and Panel Discussions
·         Interviews
·         Roundtables

 Research and Evaluation (information gathering)
·         Evaluation Design
·         Survey Design
·         Methodology
·         Instrument Administration
·         Data Analysis
·         Reports
·         Executive Summaries

 Training (equipping people, building individual, and group capacity)
·         Team Building
·         Training Trainers
·         Developing and Conducting Workshops
·         Leadership

 Collaboration (bringing people together)
·         Identifying Key Stakeholders
·         Inviting and Retaining Participants
·         Agendas
·         Conducting Efficient and Effective Meetings
·         Using Small Group Processes Within the Larger Group Setting
·         Conflict Resolution
·         Developing Resources
·         Identifying Inhibitors and Working with Challenges
·         Establishing Measurable Outcomes
·         Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

 Communications (information sharing)
·         Information Dissemination
·         Key Findings and Recommendations
·         Press Releases
·         Community Forums
·         Press Conferences

 Workshops (targeted topics)
·         Keys to Effective Collaboration – Practical Applications;
·         Partnering with Business, Private and Non-Profit Organizations, and the Community;
·         Building a Strong Board of Directors;
·         Fund Development and Grant Writing;
·         Partnering with Community Organizations;
·         Developing Engaged Collaborations;
·         Identifying and Working with Inhibitors;
·         Creating Common Bonds by Developing Relationships; Internationally and Locally;
·         Child Care – Gaining the Edge;
·         How to Conduct an Effective Meeting;
·         Business and Development Applications for Rural Economics;
·         Small Group Facilitator Training;
·         Working with Cultures in Developing Countries to Achieve  Economic Sustainability;
·         Customized Workshops.
Working together; Moving forward; Building the future…

For a consultation about how we can work together to build the future of your organization contact 

Kathy Stutzman at or 507-219-0912


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